Sunday, June 10, 2007

Bavarian Cuirassiers..

A return to more normal fare this update - after all, although the researching and reading on the background to the two battlefields I'm visiting next week (corr.... getting closer!) has been really interesting, and most enjoyable, the bottom line is that it's all really to do with the little metal men - and the wargame table...J

When push comes to shove, the research & the reading is purely to feed the imaginary fires, give you the idea's for rules amendments, suggest new units to paint, and generally give you the background "feel" for the period you wargame in.... so... during all this research, my painting has continued apace..

I've learned the truth of a valuable lesson from the guys on the Old School Wargaming group which I'll gladly share here - make sure you keep painting units for all the periods you play in, as it keeps the interest in those periods fresh... they're right, and for this post then, following the recently completed Sudan Camel Corps, I attach pictures of the latest War of the Spanish Succession unit to join the ranks.

These figures are Peter Pig 15mm's from their English Civil War range, I picked them up at the 'Salute' show the month before last ... they were brought as an experiment - those of you who read my WSS Project page (link is on the left) will know that being the fairly typical skinflint wargamer I am, I'm constantly on the lookout for a good cavalry figure to match the excellent output from Dixon, but at a slightly less eye watering price.. I've always liked Peter Pig figures - they are very characterful, and decidedly easy to paint (just as well in my case) so this is very definitely a successful experiment - and one I may need to repeat if there are other cavalry figures suitable to use.

They are painted as the Bavarian Cuirassier Regiment Weickel (sometimes Weidel), and as Bavarians they will of course fight alongside their French allies..

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